TunnelKit: Client-Facing Project Management

As a freelancer, I’ve gotten far too familiar with the pain of emails, attachments, and the difficulties of asynchronous work with clients.

About six months ago, I started working on an idea to eliminate this struggle, and save time (money).  Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Introducing TunnelKit

TunnelKit works with the tools you already use, like Jira, Github, and Trello, and gives your client live updates so they know what you’re working on.

Your client is provided with an interactive timeline – they can see all the tasks necessary for their project to succeed.  They can discuss tasks, share files, and keep an eye on expectations – all in one place.  No more digging through emails, looking for attachments or previous discussions.

With text message and email notifications, you can cut out the quick update emails and focus on the valuable conversations.

How it works for you

TunnelKit is built to fit many forms of service – here’s a few ideas of how different people can use it for their businesses:

For Developers

Tired of writing so many update emails?  Let’s cut down on the redundant communication, and just notify your client of new commits to the repository.

Instead of composing both a beautiful commit message and a well-written email, give your clients a direct feed to what’s going on in the code (and add some more details in TunnelKit, if you’d like)

For IT Support

Getting distracted by the constant calls and emails about repairs in progress?  Give each repair a custom TunnelKit project, and let your clients view the progress online.

Love automation?  Use our Zapier to streamline your workflow and keep clients up to date.

For Designers

Having trouble keeping all of the mockups and designs you have organized and accessible?  Attach files to tasks in TunnelKit so you and your clients can access and discuss your work without any hassle or confusion.


How will you use TunnelKit to streamline your client communication?  We have a lot of plans for the future, and would love to get your input!

I’m a developer, designer, and the founder of TunnelKit.  I’d love to chat about programming, business, and space exploration!

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